Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Home Visits and Movie Night

Today I did one of my first home visits, I went to visits a family who has seven kids in Metro Kidz, the mom works ALL THE TIME supporting the family and the father is disabled. The girls who are in my group discouraged me from visiting but I wanted to badly to meet their family, start a relationships with the family, not just kids, but also to praise their children and let them know how for the most part their kids are so well-behaved and in tune with what's going on. Thier father whom I got to spend some time with today was so excited to meet me, gave me a huge hug and told me how much he appreciated what we were doing with his children.

It was there I realized what kind of enviorment these kids live in, this particular family has a both the mommy and daddy however, as I was standing on the porch I was taking in every smell, sight, and sound. It broke my heart but at the same time it was eye opening to see what their home was like, to see a struggling family, trying to make honest people out of their kids. A daddy who can't work and a mommy whose never home because she's supporting a family of at least nine. As I left their daddy standing on the porch I prayed before I pulled away, blessings for their home, for their family, healing for their daddy and even more importantly continued support from their family for their kids in our programs, and hopefully a long lasting relationship not only with the kids but with the family as a whole. I hope you my friends will join me in prayer for them as well. Pray for family G.

So our meeting with the police comissioner didn't happen, it was very sad, he just didn't show up, pushed his promise off on his subordinates, and apparently the group that is working with us trying to make a difference had met with him prior and he promised to be there. So we're hopefully going to get in within the next few weeks to see him.
So tonight is movie night, on the top level screen we're showing Freedom Writers and on the Bottom Level screen we're showing Akeelah and the Bee. Should be fun and relaxing for our kids and volunteers tonight, hopefully :)!

Prayer Requests:
*For family G.
*My heavy heart
*For upcoming Adopt-A-Block Activities


Jonathan said...


This is awesome! So great to read people rolling up their sleeves and "doing it".

Praise and my prayers are with you,

Anonymous said...

colleen its brian...

we met mira (sp?) tonight in fells point, but i didn't meet you. bethany won't let me meet you. she is embarassed of me.