Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tasi, Superfresh and Neighbors

Yesterday, I attended The Afterschool Institute (TASI) Networking meeting, it was so much fun, I met so many encouraging people, I learned how to apply for funding for the program we want to start, grants that might be available to us and I'm going to visit some local programs that are already in place. I felt so encouraged by the people I met and the seasoned pros at running after school programs!

So yesterday we got our first donation towards Thanksgiving (granted if we can still pull it off) from SuperFresh, I thought it was quite interesting that the local Superfresh was willing to help us out but Giant sent us a letter telling us to contact our local foodbank, it was a little frusturating. But alas, Thanksgiving is in three weeks, and it doesn't really seem like anyone is too interested in planning the dinner, and honestly I have so much on my plate right now, I just can't take on that task as well. I feel a little guilty even saying that, but I am in the midst of planning many many things right now!

I'm so in love with the people in this neighborhood, so many of them are hungry for God, but they need someone to grab their hand and lead the way, and so many people look down upon them and walk away or don't know how to handle them. Last night I had a heart breaking conversation with one of the volunteers here, and he was telling me about "R" (which I promise to someday devote and entire blog to "R"), but "R" is a very special unique person and has been moving from church to church for the last 10-15 years because churches weren't sure what to do with him, they'd push him to the side because he was different, and honestly I've grown so fond of "R" I don't know what I would do if he weren't here, but he's a good example of the people of this neighborhood. They feel that because they are in someways different people aren't going to accept them or grab their hand and lead them in the right direction it breaks my heart.

Last night we had a lady here who all she wanted was for someone to acknowledge her, love her and listen to her. I had that opportunity and God really taught me a lesson, she came at an extremely inconvient time or so I thought :), but when she started talking God slapped me upside the head reminded me why I was here and I realized I should be paying attention to this woman God obviously sent her to me for a reason. It was an amazing time of fellowship with her. I thank God everyday for loving me enough to smack me upside the head everyonce in a while :)!

So some prayer requests:

For finanaces both personally and for metro Kidz
For God to continue to lead and guide "R" and for him to let "R" know he's so loved here
For Pastor Mike and his Family
For the Volunteers at Charm City
For the two new volunteers who'll be joining us next week
For safety for our neighbors and kids.

Thanks friends! Love you all!

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