Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Must Have Been a Wild Night

It really must have been a wild night on the street last night, because as I was crossing the street to come into my office, I stepped over at least five needle caps, several broken bottles and little bottles of liquor. Honestly, I'm not suprised these are things that happen here, these are the things that my kids deal with on a daily basis, people struggling, people addicted and people so lost they don't know what to do. These are the people I've fallen in love with, and that I want to love on and form relationships with more than anyone else in the world. These people are the reason God has sent me here.

Last night as I was crawling into bed, my heart ached, yesterday I ran into one of my friends on the streets he was supposed to be in school and when I asked him why he wasn't, he didn't really give me a very good answer, most of my kids live in homes where there parents could care less if they went to school, or their parents aren't around to make sure they've gone to school that day. My heart breaks on a daily basis for these kids, for some of them the only hot meal they get is the one they get at school and the one they get on Wed. nights at Metro Kidz, for other they only time they ever experience true undenying love is when they walk through the doors on Wednesday night. For others they don't know what love is, they don't know what respect is and they don't understand the consequences of their behaviors. These are the kids God has sent me here to help mold, to make successful leaders out of them. I love them.

Last night I met with the MTF at Grace, I left feel so encouraged and excited to know that there is a whole body of Christ behind me, praying for me, cheering me on and stepping up to help me. That to me is so exciting!

So, I was lucky enough to be able to have a conversation with Mr. George again today, I felt like I should bring him and Miss Val lunch so I stopped and value menu'd it at BK and brought them cheeseburgers and FF's, I can't even begin to explain how excited they were about this. Mr. George proceeded to tell me that he wished he'd taken a different direction in life. I am so excited about the relationship God is allowing me to form with them. I just pray that He continues to give me the words to say to them.

For the relationship with Miss Val and Mr. George that God continues to bless it and give me the words to properly minister to them.

For "P" that whereever God leads him, he'll continue to seek, he'll continue to run to the Lord and not backwards.

For my kids, that they'll continue to be blessed by the people that God is placing in their lives, that their hearts and lives will continue to be changed and that they can and will be delivered from the street life they are used too.

For the people that have not yet experienced the amazing things that God is doing here at Charm City, but God is currently moving in them to step out of their comfort zones and check it out.

Love you all!!!

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