Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fusion, Police Meeting and Miss Val

Bruce and Julia came to Fusion with Bryan, Melissa and I on Sunday night it was super fun, the message that night was really good to. I spoke about Metro Kidz, what's going on in my life etc. and I think if everyone follows through I will have recruited somewhere between 10-15 new people to volunteer at Metro Kidz, including a small group who would like to make dinner come down and serve the kids! How cool!!!

Today is our meeting with the police comissioner I'm a little bit nervous about this, but alas, I think it will be fine. I promise to update and let you know what happens.

I'm still super excited about Miss Val's desire to change her life, but please continue to pray for her because each day we have to wait for someone to return our phone calls and find a place for her to go, is one more day she's falling into the lap of Satan and the streets! I desire nothing more than to be able to find a place for her to go and get help this week. A place where she can go away, detox and come back in a few months a changed woman whose not bound by Satan to life of distress and disaster.

Prayer Requests:
*For my heart it's been really heavy the past few days, not really sure why but something's got it going.
* For my TLT members, that God will work in them through this leadership opportunity and they'll grow as Christians, leaders and young men and women.
*Miss Val that God continues to keep her strong while we figure out the best option for her.

Thanks Guys!

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