Wednesday, October 3, 2007

These are the days of our lives

Yesterday as I was coming into work in the office before our "big" meeting I stopped to talk to my friends, Mr. George (this really cute little old man), Val (a woman whose living in his home I think) and a few other people whose names slip my mind, usually they're not happy, but their smiling and excited to see me, yesterday I said to Miss Val, where's your beautiful smile and she said, "Baby, don't you see these are the days of our lives, we sit here drink all day and watch the cars go by, pretty sad don't you think? What do I have to smile about?" It broke my heart she's 100% right, everyday her and Mr. George and usually a few others are out there, I've invited them to church, prayed with them, shared the bible with them etc. And I am now at a loss at how to properly minister to them, aside from just being a walking testimony in their lives.

Everyday Mr. George says, I'm coming over there on Sunday, and every Sunday he doesn't and every Sunday I look for him to be outside and he's usually not. So I suppose I'm supposed to just continue to pray for them.

So our "big" meeting yesterday turned out to be a joke, one person out of the six who were supposed to show up showed and he really didn't desire to be here and let it be completly known! So he said he'd look over the packet we made him and get back to us on Monday so we'll see what really happens!

So somethings to be praying about:
My friends that I've mentioned here
Funding for Metro Kidz Programs
Continued Patience
Pray for the relationships God has been allowing me to begin
Pray for the teens that I have picked for TLT (Teen Leadership Team) they include:


Well it's a Metro Kidz Night so I am off to get things ready! I love you all!!!

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