Sunday, August 31, 2008

The rewards....

I've probably mentioned this before, but the best part of my job is not planning events, bible studies or making dinners for Wednesday nights, it's the fellowship I get to have with my kids outside of the church. It's the burger picnics, the little girls braiding my hair on the front steps, it's missing that catch when the boys throw the football to me in a pick up game of street ball, it's the voices telling me how much they love me, it's the excited look on a little boys face when he gets to run around with me.

Last night Ms. Crystal and I ventured into the neighborhood and we hung out with our kids in their territory, we let them do our hair, we threw the football with them, loved them and just had an all around good time with them!

Now for some pictures:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Praying for "MA", school, Kids

My heart has been heavy for a few weeks now for a woman we'll call MA, MA is amazing, she's a recovering addict who's slipped back into her old habits, but before she could get too far in realized she needed help. She did all the work to get into a 30 day live in program and after a week, they told her that her insurance would not cover more than a week of treatment and off they sent her. This woman, is a mom, a grandmom, a friend, a servant and many other amazing things. When she walked through the doors a week after she left for help my heart dropped, I couldn't help but think she left the program because she wasn't ready, but that was the furthest thing from the truth.

MA wants help more than any other addict I have ever met, last night I noticed she was really upset and she and I had a real conversation, about life, what was going on in hers, what was going on in mine and we cried together embracing each other right there in front of the church. I look at this woman and while I know she has imperfections and struggles as we all do, I can't help but get on my knee's before God and beg for deliverance in her honor. I can't help but beg God to help her find the path of what's right. Last night I listened to her tell several people, I can't go on that street anymore, it gets me in trouble so if you want to see me you have to come to me. She wants help, so I ask you friends, please join me in prayer for MA. Would you please step up on her behalf and ask God to continue to bless her, continue to pull her in the right direction and continue to send people to rally around her?

I visited some of my kids on Monday, who've moved, I just wanted to find out how things were going, if they got settled in and if there was anything they needed, it was then I found out that none of them were going to school and that they'd be starting school because their parents spent all the money on their move, which they HAD to move, it wasn't an option not too. These kids don't have their uniforms, school supplies (which we'll remedy that part tonight) and other misc. things they need to start school. The truth of the matter is, they need to be in school, it breaks my heart no one is making them go, because I highly doubt they'd get in trouble for wearing last year's uniform if that's all they have. I pray that their mom and dad will wake up one day and realize they need to be setting better examples for these kids. Two of the six of them who live in the home currently are doing amazing and need to be in school to continue on that right path, in fact one of them who's a sophmore in high school has already gotten letters offering her scholarships to many colleges. I know I can't solve all of their problems, but I can pray for them and encourage them and do what I can to help meet their needs.

So before I go, I must brag on one of our kids, "J" this kid lacks enthusiasm most of the time, or has a hard time getting excited! However this kid is so faithful, hard-working and loving, he's recently saved and even more recently stepping out on faith to do amazing things! I found out recently his mother is dying of cancer and I pray to God that when she passes on someone takes this child (young man) in and continues to encourage and care for him in the ways he needs. For the past month or so this kid has been helping prepare an apartment for MA, he's shown up faithfully every weekend, never asked for money, never complained about what he's been asked to do and never let the people he's working with down. This child is hungry for love, hungry for jesus and hungry for approval. Last night I started talking with him about school, his family etc. and I got so excited listening to him get excited about something. Ah, I love these moments in minstry, the ones where you see some excel in ways you never imagined. While you're praying for MA, if you could toss up a prayer for "J" that would be awesome as well!

Thanks friends!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Praying for "M"

Last nights prayer meeting is still weighing heavy on my heart this morning, there were some people there who I've never seen before, one of them I've been praying for since he left last night and the other family I was so excited to meet and can only hope they come back. But I would like to ask you to join me in prayer for "M." M is a 51 year old man, who cried out to the Lord last night, he opened his heart and became vulnerable to us, telling us that he's 16 years clean from heroin, but has relapsed into an alcohol addiction, he's been shot three times and survived to tell about (a miracle? I think so), he's got a beautiful family, including grandchildren and he wants so bad to be delivered. He confessed to know the Lord, but not to be glorifying him in his life. It broke my heart the way he felt about himself, but made me so excited that we were able to pray over him last night, lift him up and encourage him. I plan to continue to pray that he really follows through with his prayer and his cries.

I can't stop thinking about last nights prayer meeting, for a couple of reasons but mostly because I just felt like it was powerful and God was really moving last night!

So next week is the water fight, we're still in need of a few things:
If anyone has any water guns laying around that could be borrowed please let me know!
Water Balloons
Volunteers :)!

Thanks friends!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh, what a week!

It seems like this week was never going to end, I've had an exciting week with some of my kids and even some breakthrough with others. On Tuesday I had a Whopper picnic with some of my kids, honestly this is probably my most favorite part of my job, I go buy a bunch a hamburgers and we sit and talk and eat together. I think this is the time when I am truly getting through to my kids because we're outside of the church and in their element. This week I talked a couple through a "break-up" that lasted all of a few hours, had a conversation with a couple of the girls about modesty and the guys about treating girls with respect. It times like that 45 minutes I took out of my day to be with them, that I feel like changes are being made in their lives.

Wednesday was the second week of teen leaders, some of them are really enjoying it and really applying themselves and really excelling at becoming leaders, I am so proud of them. Others, aren't taking responsibility for their jobs and actions. I tried to explain to a couple of them, that when you become a leader, you should show up on time, actually before Metro Kidz, you should report to the place you've been assigned and you shouldn't have an attitude. It was a great teaching opportunity, but ended in me having to send a couple of my kids home which broke my heart.

The other thing that is breaking my heart is not having a teen program, I know we're short people and I know we're incorporating the teens in downstairs, but I don't want to lose them. I know in God's time we'll be able to have the teen program again, and that right now He's working in them and us, but it breaks my heart when new teens come and we have to tell them that right now there's not a program for them. So I hope you'll join me in Prayer for 6 teen girl and 6 teen boy teachers to join us. This is an immediate need...I know God will work in the hearts of the right people when it's the right time, and we just have to be patient.

So I got some sad news this week, this little old lady I met a few weeks ago in a different part of inner city Baltimore and I had began a phone prayer relationship, her name was miss Gerty she was beautiful. She recently came to Christ, just within the last few weeks that I have known her actually, which is a complete and totally blessing, because Miss Gerty went home to be with Jesus this week. She was diagnosed just a few short weeks ago with HIV, became sick with pneumonia and was hospitalized earlier this week. On Wednesday Jesus took her Home. Miss Gerty asked me if I would pray with her the first time I met her and then asked me if I would take her phone number and call her once a week to pray, well once a week turned into a few times a week, she was becoming my best phone buddy, I told her earlier this week I would come and bring her dinner next week, and we could hang out, I am kind of sad that never happened. But I am thanking God that she did get saved and that my life was blessed with her friendship. She was the kind of woman that reminded you of your grandma.

My heart breaks, I never asked Miss Gerty how she became diagnosed with HIV but her daughter said to me in a phone conversation, I bet you think my mom was a junkie and this is how this happened, don't you? My eyes filled up with tears and I didn't know what to say to her, but if she was, it didn't matter to me. But the truth is Miss Gerty wasn't a junkie, wasn't out selling her body or doing anything like that, she was helping someone who was infected with HIV and contracted it. I'm praying for her daughter, that she'll find comfort in knowing her mom is in a better place and that'll she'll find peace at some point with all of this. I extended my email, phone number and friendship to her, I hope she'll utilize it at some point.

I didn't get my phone call from Ka'lil this week, but I was told to expect it early next week, I can't wait to update ya'll on how he's doing!

Some prayer requests before I go:

For the next few weeks, we have some amazing opportunities to reach out to people, for us to just let us be used by Him, for it not to be about us but about what He has planned for us.

For guidance with some of the teens, there are somethings that need to be addressed with some of them and I need wisdom and words.

For E, that she'll come around! I miss her and her beautiful smile.

Thanks for the love, prayers and support!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Safe Zone and Praying for "E"

Good morning friends, so I thought I would send a quick update before I went off to work, one of my girls has been heavy on my heart lately, "E" I hope you'll join me in prayer for her. She comes from a family of 7 kids and a several grand babies that are being cared for by a single mother, I think she sometimes feels as one of the oldest living in the home, that she has to take on parental responsibilities and she gets lost in the shuffle. A few months ago when "E" walked into my life, it was normal for me to hear her laughing, being silly and smiling that beautiful smile of hers every chance she got, lately I can't get her to smile, she's carrying a large attitude with everyone including her friends, and I don't think she remembers what laughter is.

My heart is broken for this child, she's only 13 she's had to grow up so fast and she's losing her childhood, and I feel like I am losing her from Metro Kidz, these past few weeks I've felt like she's only been there because she feels like she has too, not because she wants too. I don't want to and can't lose this child, she's a prime candidate for letting herself get caught up in things that she shouldn't (i.e. prostitution, drugs etc.). I hope she'll see the love that I and other Metro Kidz volunteers have for her, but more importantly the love God has for her, even when she feels like know one cares of is there for her. The next few weeks, we're working on leadership with the teens and I really want to see her step up and become a leader, she's a leader by nature, I can tell. She has such a beautiful heart and soul, that is lost right now. I'm praying she'll come back, the "E" I met a few weeks ago, will you join me in praying for her?

It looks like Hollins St. and Payson St. are part of a two weeks safe zone through the Police Dept. and City, while I am grateful for this, and can imagine this is a VERY scary job for an officer to have to stand outside over night in the midst of chaos, I wonder what happens at the end of two weeks? The other night I was in the neighborhood late, and noticed a change in activity, however in 2-3 weeks when these officers go away, what happens? What's the follow up plan? I am anxious to get to the city today and see if we have officers 24 hours a day or just at night and I am anxious to chat with them and find out what the long-term plan is.

Well we're preparing for a busy month in August, don't forget if you're interested in helping out, to drop me and email at

oh and ps: I get to talk to "K" on the phone this week, I can't wait to post an update about him!

Thanks for the prayers, friends!