Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh, what a week!

It seems like this week was never going to end, I've had an exciting week with some of my kids and even some breakthrough with others. On Tuesday I had a Whopper picnic with some of my kids, honestly this is probably my most favorite part of my job, I go buy a bunch a hamburgers and we sit and talk and eat together. I think this is the time when I am truly getting through to my kids because we're outside of the church and in their element. This week I talked a couple through a "break-up" that lasted all of a few hours, had a conversation with a couple of the girls about modesty and the guys about treating girls with respect. It times like that 45 minutes I took out of my day to be with them, that I feel like changes are being made in their lives.

Wednesday was the second week of teen leaders, some of them are really enjoying it and really applying themselves and really excelling at becoming leaders, I am so proud of them. Others, aren't taking responsibility for their jobs and actions. I tried to explain to a couple of them, that when you become a leader, you should show up on time, actually before Metro Kidz, you should report to the place you've been assigned and you shouldn't have an attitude. It was a great teaching opportunity, but ended in me having to send a couple of my kids home which broke my heart.

The other thing that is breaking my heart is not having a teen program, I know we're short people and I know we're incorporating the teens in downstairs, but I don't want to lose them. I know in God's time we'll be able to have the teen program again, and that right now He's working in them and us, but it breaks my heart when new teens come and we have to tell them that right now there's not a program for them. So I hope you'll join me in Prayer for 6 teen girl and 6 teen boy teachers to join us. This is an immediate need...I know God will work in the hearts of the right people when it's the right time, and we just have to be patient.

So I got some sad news this week, this little old lady I met a few weeks ago in a different part of inner city Baltimore and I had began a phone prayer relationship, her name was miss Gerty she was beautiful. She recently came to Christ, just within the last few weeks that I have known her actually, which is a complete and totally blessing, because Miss Gerty went home to be with Jesus this week. She was diagnosed just a few short weeks ago with HIV, became sick with pneumonia and was hospitalized earlier this week. On Wednesday Jesus took her Home. Miss Gerty asked me if I would pray with her the first time I met her and then asked me if I would take her phone number and call her once a week to pray, well once a week turned into a few times a week, she was becoming my best phone buddy, I told her earlier this week I would come and bring her dinner next week, and we could hang out, I am kind of sad that never happened. But I am thanking God that she did get saved and that my life was blessed with her friendship. She was the kind of woman that reminded you of your grandma.

My heart breaks, I never asked Miss Gerty how she became diagnosed with HIV but her daughter said to me in a phone conversation, I bet you think my mom was a junkie and this is how this happened, don't you? My eyes filled up with tears and I didn't know what to say to her, but if she was, it didn't matter to me. But the truth is Miss Gerty wasn't a junkie, wasn't out selling her body or doing anything like that, she was helping someone who was infected with HIV and contracted it. I'm praying for her daughter, that she'll find comfort in knowing her mom is in a better place and that'll she'll find peace at some point with all of this. I extended my email, phone number and friendship to her, I hope she'll utilize it at some point.

I didn't get my phone call from Ka'lil this week, but I was told to expect it early next week, I can't wait to update ya'll on how he's doing!

Some prayer requests before I go:

For the next few weeks, we have some amazing opportunities to reach out to people, for us to just let us be used by Him, for it not to be about us but about what He has planned for us.

For guidance with some of the teens, there are somethings that need to be addressed with some of them and I need wisdom and words.

For E, that she'll come around! I miss her and her beautiful smile.

Thanks for the love, prayers and support!

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