Monday, August 4, 2008

Safe Zone and Praying for "E"

Good morning friends, so I thought I would send a quick update before I went off to work, one of my girls has been heavy on my heart lately, "E" I hope you'll join me in prayer for her. She comes from a family of 7 kids and a several grand babies that are being cared for by a single mother, I think she sometimes feels as one of the oldest living in the home, that she has to take on parental responsibilities and she gets lost in the shuffle. A few months ago when "E" walked into my life, it was normal for me to hear her laughing, being silly and smiling that beautiful smile of hers every chance she got, lately I can't get her to smile, she's carrying a large attitude with everyone including her friends, and I don't think she remembers what laughter is.

My heart is broken for this child, she's only 13 she's had to grow up so fast and she's losing her childhood, and I feel like I am losing her from Metro Kidz, these past few weeks I've felt like she's only been there because she feels like she has too, not because she wants too. I don't want to and can't lose this child, she's a prime candidate for letting herself get caught up in things that she shouldn't (i.e. prostitution, drugs etc.). I hope she'll see the love that I and other Metro Kidz volunteers have for her, but more importantly the love God has for her, even when she feels like know one cares of is there for her. The next few weeks, we're working on leadership with the teens and I really want to see her step up and become a leader, she's a leader by nature, I can tell. She has such a beautiful heart and soul, that is lost right now. I'm praying she'll come back, the "E" I met a few weeks ago, will you join me in praying for her?

It looks like Hollins St. and Payson St. are part of a two weeks safe zone through the Police Dept. and City, while I am grateful for this, and can imagine this is a VERY scary job for an officer to have to stand outside over night in the midst of chaos, I wonder what happens at the end of two weeks? The other night I was in the neighborhood late, and noticed a change in activity, however in 2-3 weeks when these officers go away, what happens? What's the follow up plan? I am anxious to get to the city today and see if we have officers 24 hours a day or just at night and I am anxious to chat with them and find out what the long-term plan is.

Well we're preparing for a busy month in August, don't forget if you're interested in helping out, to drop me and email at

oh and ps: I get to talk to "K" on the phone this week, I can't wait to post an update about him!

Thanks for the prayers, friends!

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