Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Praying for "M"

Last nights prayer meeting is still weighing heavy on my heart this morning, there were some people there who I've never seen before, one of them I've been praying for since he left last night and the other family I was so excited to meet and can only hope they come back. But I would like to ask you to join me in prayer for "M." M is a 51 year old man, who cried out to the Lord last night, he opened his heart and became vulnerable to us, telling us that he's 16 years clean from heroin, but has relapsed into an alcohol addiction, he's been shot three times and survived to tell about (a miracle? I think so), he's got a beautiful family, including grandchildren and he wants so bad to be delivered. He confessed to know the Lord, but not to be glorifying him in his life. It broke my heart the way he felt about himself, but made me so excited that we were able to pray over him last night, lift him up and encourage him. I plan to continue to pray that he really follows through with his prayer and his cries.

I can't stop thinking about last nights prayer meeting, for a couple of reasons but mostly because I just felt like it was powerful and God was really moving last night!

So next week is the water fight, we're still in need of a few things:
If anyone has any water guns laying around that could be borrowed please let me know!
Water Balloons
Volunteers :)!

Thanks friends!

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