Thursday, July 31, 2008

Needs for August!

Hello Readers! So I thought maybe I should put out there some needs we have for August, we're going to have a SUPER fun month and invite you to email me at
If you're interested in coming to volunteer for an event.

Water Balloons
Water Guns
Water Balloon Launchers
Sprinklers ETC.
Volunteers to help with Water Fight Night (August 20th)
Someone to run grills for food that night
Volunteers to help with Back to School Night
School Supplies (Backpacks, pencils, pens, paper, etc)
Volunteers to make finger (kid friendly) desserts for that night

We're also praying for 6 people who have been called and have a heart to work with our teenagers, our teen program has been put on hold until we find people to help us out.

Please pray about joining us for one of these special events of donating something to help make the night a success!

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