Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"K" update

So I am sure you all remember "K" the guy I met at Subway a few months ago who is now getting the help he needs to be delivered from the life he was leading? Well I have a few updates, one is he's doing well, he'll be coming home in about 3 months, his mom has been praying for and finally found a home outside of Baltimore City that she can afford so that when he comes home he won't be walking back into temptation. My heart has been so happy for this family and yesterday, I was encouraged in a way I never knew possible I started talking to these guys and we talked for a few minutes they told me a little bit about their lives, what their plans are, things they like to do etc. I had introduced myself to one of them but the rest were standing a little away from me, so as I went to walk away, one of them yelled after me, "Hey you're Miss Colleen right?" When I replied yes, he thanked me for helping out "K" and told me that they thanked God for getting their friend out of there, and I later found out that he was going to be murdered. God knew exactly what he was doing that day when our paths crossed. These boys have and maybe never will no idea how much they encouraged me yesterday.

So there are some pretty serious things going on in Metro Kidz and would like to invite you to pray with us, we're looking for at least six workers to work with our teens? This is a serious and immediate need, so we're praying that God will work in the hearts of six people how desire to work with teens and that they'll come forward and join us in ministry. Also please pray for the changes we are making within the classes that already exist, some teachers are moving around, some kids will be moved into new classes with new teachers. I am really excited about the future of Metro Kidz and the changes that are about to take place.

A few weeks ago, I did a home visit, I visted Ms. "D" and her family, Amanda our friend who was recently murdered lived with Ms. "D" it was nice because her kids were there and one of them in particular is asking questions and getting so excited about Jesus, so being in his home and listening to him talk about Jesus to the people around him make my heart so excited. He's such an amazing example for his family. I got to pray with Ms. "D" for peace about the murder of Amanda, for salvation for her Husband and for her to get back involved into church. I just continue to pray for this family, for peace, for salvation and for God to move in their home. I just met this family recently but my love for them has grown so much over the past few weeks and I'm so excited that her kids are starting to show up at Metro Kidz weekly and even more excited to see her in church on Sundays and last night she volunteered to help coordinate our clothing pantry and do a few other things around the church, God is really working in her life through Charm City.

Thanks guys for the prayers and encouragement! I am back on the mend now so hopefully, my blog won't be lonely :)!

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