Friday, October 26, 2007

Satan's on the Prowl

I haven't updated in about a week, because I didn't really know where to even begin writing, I had prepared myself in the way that I knew Satan would be attacking me for doing God's work, but I don't think I quite prepared myself for the ways Satan would attack me or how frequently. It started last Wednesday when Satan began attacking several key people at Metro Kidz, it carried on throughout the entire night, week, weekend and into this week. This week Satan began attacking different key players. It's been a never ending cycle over the last couple of weeks and honestly I've been spending more time in prayer for my kids, my volunteers and the other key people at Metro Kidz, instead of updating my blog or doing many other things.

Admist, all the chaos of Satan there have been a few good things happening. I did my first home visit a week ago yesterday, I visited a family that has SEVEN kids who come to both Metro Kidz and church on Sunday morning, they are a group full of leaders, three sets of twins and one single child. The girls had intimidated me about meeting their father and made me promise not to go to their house, which I refused to do. I am so glad I went, I met their father had the opportunity to pray for their family and their home. But not only that, it made me see what these kids go home to after they leave the safety of Metro Kidz or Charm City. I could describe the scene, the smells and the people, but you wouldn't truly understand unless you are there.

God is so faithful and that was completly reconfirmed for me this week, when my car went from maybe costing $2000 to fix to only costing $50 :)! God is so Good! Even though Satan has been on the prowl, I've been so encouraged by the people God has blessed my life with.

Some prayer requests:
That Satans hands will be bound, and that he'll stop attacking us!
For the TLT which is having a harder time getting started up than planned
For Pastor Mike and his family
For Brother Paul
For Miss Roxanne
For Metro Kidz and everyone involved.

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