Friday, February 6, 2009

Police Meeting, TLT and Prayers

There was a special community meeting held in the Southwestern District this week, involving community members and members of the SWD police force, I was able to attend alone with two of the teens from our TLT(Teen Leadership Team). I will say that I feel like the meeting was successful and if nothing else comes out if other than two of my teens have a new found respect for some of the officers in our neighborhood, then I am happy! I hope their new found respect becomes contagious to the other kids. Because I think this week, I've instilled in them that the ways of the police may not always be right, and we might sometimes be let down, but they are still working to protect our neighboorhoods and they still deserve our respect.

I felt that the meeting was fruitful because the officers really listened to our concerns, answered the teens questions to the best of their knowledge and got to be a voice outside of their commander on Tuesday. I am pleased and while I don't want to get my hopes up too high, I really feel like there could be some changes in our relationship with them coming.

So our TLT is taking off, I've writing before that I am SO excited about these teens that have stepped up and out of their groups of friends to be a part of something BIG! This week, we had our first official meeting and these kids are ready to serve their hearts out. They are so excited about serving not only within their community but also outside of it.

Wednesday evening we began planning our first event for the junior kids, they had great ideas as and we eventually voted on one that won't be too hard to pull off!

I hope you'll join me in praying for these ten teens who are going to soar, who I have so much confidience in and who I am so excited that God has put in my life!

So we have a few other requests this week as well:

We're praying for a teen girl, who's considering an abortion, we're praying that God provides a divine intervention. That she will see that he has a plan for this child and this child is/was not an accident.

We're praying for February 15th as we invite our congregation/kids to invite their family, friends and foes to church for the day. We're planning a celebration of love followed with a dessert reception. We're praying that God works in the hearts of the guests we'll have that day.

Finally we're praising God for continuing to amaze us everyday, by the people he places in our paths, we're so thankful for friends, supporters and most of all the people God sends to us.

Thanks friends!

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