Friday, February 27, 2009


I heard a quote this week, that has stuck with me all week, "Being in Poverty is not just a lack of money or material things, but a lack of hope," I wish I could tell you who said, it but I don't remember his name. But as I was driving down the road and listening to this guy speak, I realized he's absolutely correct. The majority of people, kids, adults, families etc. who walk through the doors at Charm City, have lost hope, and really more than anything I want to give them hope, don't get me wrong, I am so sad that they don't have money, or homes some of them, but I am even more sad that they don't have the hope to go on.

This week I've had the opportunity to experience some of the reasons, why I believe the people of my neighborhood have lost hope, one of them being, that everywhere they go for help they get the run-around, "come back tomorrow, I need more documents, we're closing." When MA lost everything in a fire last weekend, she's been running all over town trying to get everything together so she can find a new place to live and start over, however she's getting every excuse in the book as to why she needs to wait just one more day. It's hard to find hope when the people who are supposed to be helping you get it together have a lack of hope for you.

My heart breaks when I have conversations with mothers and fathers whose kids come to MetroKidz and how I can hear in their tone, and words that they've lost hope, not only for themselves but also for their children. It's not fair that they have to walk with their heads down because they don't feel like there's anything worth looking at, it's not fair that they feel like the rest of the world looks down on them, but what's really not fair, is that they've lost ALL hope for their kids.

I pray for opportunities to be able to see a glimmer of hope in the eyes of one of my friends. This afternoon, I saw a glimmer of hope in the eyes of someone who I've fallen in love with, I love this person without boundaries, I pray that she'll be delivered from the things that are holding her back, I pray that someday she'll be able to love with out boundaries! This afternoon when I got to the church I got to spend a few precious moments with her, encouraging her and loving her, I asked her about school and she looked away, then told me she didn't think she could do it, but you see I know she can. She promised me she'd come talk to me about it next week, all I can do now is wait and hope that she does...but as I walked away, she thanked me and for one second I saw hope...

This glimmer of hope is what I want for all of my "friends" I want them all to start looking up, I want them all to start smiling, I want them all to continue to seek opportunities!

Will you join me in praying for hope for my neighborhood?


Becca said...

Hey! Where do you do metro kidz? I work for metro kidz in Atlanta - and I love it! I cant wait to read more about the people you're serving and the work you're doing!

S.logan said...

I came across your blog today after searching for how to get involved in inner city ministry and ways to best love on the kids. I live in Birmingham, AL, and today was my first day working with inner city kids. (A group from my church went.) I FELL IN LOVE with all of them--I felt like I found my heart with them--and am excited to be used by God to minister in their lives and have them minister in mine.

I subscribed to your feed and will be following along with you! God bless you richly

S.logan said...

Hi again! Thanks for your response back! Little did I know when writing my last comment two weeks ago, how much was about to change. Since the inner city is your heart, I thought you might like to read this:

Funny, too, I talked with "Becca" at the metro kidz in atlanta a few days ago, then realized she was the same one from your blog! It's a small world with a great big God in charge!