Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Volunteer Profile: Ms. Crystal

So I've decided that I need to recognize the forces behind MetroKidz, so I am going to (or attempt to) introduce you to one volunteer a week, so this week, the lucky one is Ms. Crystal.

As you can see from the picture to your left, Crystal and I are one of a kind, when God crossed our paths several years ago, it was an answer to pray for both of us. He sent me my partner "in crime," and sent her someone who dreamed of the things she did and had a heart to get them done.

For years before God sent us to Charm City Church and the MetroKidz program, He sent us on an adventure, most Friday and Saturday nights you'd find Crystal and I driving the streets of Southwest Baltimore, praying for the people we encountered, the kids, the homeless people, the prostitutes and the drug dealers. We'd pray about the building we later found out was the previous home of Charm City Church. Neither one of us had any idea, that God was preparing us to serve Him in this community, but I think she'd agree with me when I say we are so thankful for where He has brought us.

Crystal is a ball of sunshine in the lives of our kids, she loves without boundaries, she's a wild and crazy as they are (see picture) and the Love of Jesus Christ shines through her. Since coming on as MetroKidz volunteer nothing has changed, you'll still find Crystal out on the streets playing with kids at midnight, praying with the lady on the corner who is so high she has no idea where she is or what she's doing and investing everything in her in these kids.

Crystal currently serves our junior kids (grades 1st-2nd grade), her class is not easy to lead, but she makes it look easy to an outsider looking in. She's dedicated to loving her kids both in and outside of Wednesday nights, she takes her weekly lessons above and beyond the minimum. Crystal's heart bears the burden of her kids and she spends hours of precious prayer time on her knees for these kids. She's not only a blessing to our kids but also to other volunteers, her smile and personality will light up a room when she walks in, and her heart for others is one in a million.

When Crystal is not out in the streets loving kids or serving at MetroKidz, you can find her loving kids in other places, Crystal is involved in Kid's Ministry at her home church, she works as an after school para at a school for autistic kids and finally she works full-time as a para-educator for emotionally disturbed kids. In her free time, she loves to scrapbook, spend time with her family and friends and put her photography skills to use.

How can we pray for Crystal:
*We can pray for Crystal's class, that they continue to seek the presence of God in their lives and that she'll continue to be a shining example in their lives.

*We can pray that she knows what a blessing she is to our MetroKidz team and personally in our of lives and we can pray that God continues to bless her.

Thank you Ms. Crystal for your love and dedication to my MetroKidz and my life personally!

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Susanne said...

Crystal is am amazing person! You are so blessed to have your as your best friend! Everyone one should have a Crystal in their lives ;)