Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Block Party, Love Night and Visiting Kids

This weekend I was sitting around with some of my team members and we tossed around the idea of having a themed block party this year, we decided we'd give it a whirl! After last summer I had thought that having a block party wasn't in the future for this summer...but a few months ago I realized that not having a block party wasn't in the future. The Block Party is next to the Christmas Party our biggest outreach of the year. I am so excited to begin the planning process, my goal is to have a whole "Block Party" week doing mini outreaches (such as a movie night, water night on the lot etc) inviting the community to join us and getting them revved up for the weekend! I'm already revved up.

Tomorrow night we celebrate our 2nd annual Love Night, it's a whole night dedicated to loving our kids, writing them letters, poems, songs,making them a special and sharing stories about loving them. We spend the whole night just loving our kids, and then hype them up on sugar (that's nothing out of the ordinary) and send them home! I am VERY excited this year, because I have some amazing stories about love that come from our kids, I can't wait to remind them of them. This year a Fusion Bible Study partnered with us, and put together treat bags (with fresh baked cookies) for the kids.

This weekend we went on our monthly visit to see kids, it was an exciting morning, everywhere we went people knew where we were coming from. People encouraged us, helped us and allowed us to speak into their lives. We gathered kids on our walk through the neighborhood, and hosted a pizza/rec party at the church. We had a handful of kids come and it was fantastic!

What we're Praying for This week:
*"A" she's one of our teen girls, who's planning to have an abortion, we're praying for God to do a divine intervention in her life. And for her to allow someone to adopt her unborn child.

*Pastor Mike/Ms. Karen as they prepare for Kidney Transplant surgery, I'll update when we know the specific dates.

*The Gagne's Baby to turn before birth in March.

Thanks friends!

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Anonymous said...

Block Parties are so crucial!
I had a blast visiting kids.

I need to get into better shape though.

R really gave me a run for my money. That boy can run, and I cannot. I still have the scar to prove it.