Saturday, September 29, 2007


So the other day as I was leaving the church at 2ish in the afternoon, I was scared for the first time, truly cried on the way home scared. Do you ever get that feeling that something is just not right, that's kind of how I felt. I walked across the street and was fiddling with the lock on the gate so I could get my car out...and all of a sudden in the middle of the day I heard gunshots one or two blocks over and someone come darting through the alley. I couldn't get the gate to open and I was convinced that it might be the end for me, I've been close to gun shots before, but this time it felt different.

However it was in that moment I realized that there is a reason we (and I am) are in this neighborhood, that God has a plan for us there. And while we may not know the outcome and the people of that neighborhood may not understand, there is a BIG plan. A big plan that I am so excited about. One that I may never understand, but I do understand God wants me to be a part of it.

In other exciting news, we're meeting with city officials on Tuesday hopefully to get some grant money for the programs we desire to start and for a 24 hour 365 days a year homeless shelter in S.W. Baltimore. But this won't just be any shelter it'll be men, women, kids, families, singles etc. There will also be a childcare center and hopefully other various programs. It'll be a unique shelter.

A wise woman I know told me the other day in order for people to want to help, you have to be unique. Your programs cannot be like everyone elses! She's right, what is going to make us stand out from the crowd? There is something about Metro Kidz and Charm City that makes us unique we just have to figure out what it is.

So my prayer tonight is for God to continue to pave the way for me and for the others at Charm City, for Him to keep setting divine appointments for us with the kids, with community members and people who we have yet to meet. That He'll continue to send the finances so I may continue to do His work and for safety for us, and for the people of this neighborhood.

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Zac said...

Hey! I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is really refreshing to see someone truly handing their entire life over to God, sacrificing comfort and security for love. I wish I could be there in Baltimore with you guys. I will keep you and Charm City in my prayers. Tell Mike I said hi if you get a chance.