Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Answered Prayers

So I arrived at the office today and was greeted by two smiling faces, Pastor Paul and his wife L. Pastor Paul told me that he had this woman he'd like me to contact. In the meantime I'd been stressing about getting a mentor/guest speaker for next week, to speak to the teens. Pastor Paul had a woman who's an ex-prostitute who's been delivered the streets and a very hard life, we'll call her L. So I decided to give her a call, she wasn't available to speak with me right away. but promptly called me back. She's amazing, I am so excited to meet her and while I scheduled her to come and speak next week, she's coming to Metro Kidz tonight. She wants to see what we're doing here, meet the kids and prepare herself.

This is such an answer to prayer in so many ways. One because I know have a real life living testimony that's going to be able to relate to the kids as the first guest speaker and two she has so much potential to reach my girls, to be an example to them and to help them not make the same mistakes she did. Amen! :)

So as I was driving in today something that happened last week really struck a chord in my heart, I understand where the person was coming from, because if God had not called me to this place, I probably would have felt the same way. But we were waiting on someone to come and do some work last week, and they got lost, and getting lost in this neighborhood if you're not familiar could be a very scary thing I imagine. So when we figured out he might be lost since he was pretty late, we called him and he told us he gave up and was going home. When asked if we could reschedule he told us he didn't know if he wanted too. It broke my heart and made me wonder, what do people think when they drive past this neighborhood, would they ever drive through here on purpose? Also, everyone wants every place to be safe and beautiful but if people aren't willing to step out of their comfort zones, how is this going to happen. I pray everyday that places like the one I am in right now will change others lives like it's changed mine. I pray for my friends who come here and visit that they'll understand what I'm doing and why I am doing it, I pray for my friends who've not yet been brave enough to step out and come and visit that God will work in their hearts. I'm not asking them to commit to being here all the time, but just to experience for a couple of hours what I get to experience everyday.

Well it's Metro Kidz night so I am off to plan my lesson (yes it's last minute) spend some time in prayer and get the downstairs ready for the kids!

Thanks for reading!

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Joe and Bon said...

Wow Colleen, I love how things always come together for you :) Even though you NEVER think they are going to haha. I miss you!