Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When Dreams Come True

Welcome to my blog, this is the place where I plan to write about my experiences as an inner city missionary, the good, the bad and the struggles.

So I've been dreaming about this day for almost four years and it finally arrived. I started working at Charm-City Church this summer as a volunteer for Metro Kidz, last month Pastor Mike told me he'd like for me to be the Metro Kidz coordinator. A couple of weeks ago I began working at the church. I love it, I love coming to work never knowing what the day is going to hold. I love walking out at the end of the day seeing my kids playing or hanging out. I love Wed. nights when all the kids are hear, and I hear them laughing, playing and talking with other leaders and friends. I love that God has made a way for me and I am learning more and more what it means to completly rely on Him, the One who makes it all possible.

I know that this is not going to be an easy road, Satan has already begun attacking me, people have already started questioning why I would chose to leave my job to work with "ghetto kids" why I would leave a comfortable home and salary to share a room with someone else and make little to no money a week. Well the answer is because God is putting me here for a reason he is laying my path and I am being obidient and following it and know that He will provide for me the things in which I need.

Today as I was sitting outside waiting for someone to arrive for a meeting I looked around and realized what I have at my fingertips a whole world of knowledge. They may not be book smart people, they may not have finished school or have degrees from "name-brand" colleges, but these people who surround this place in which God has landed me for now are special. They have street knowledge, stories and pictures that are worth so much more than you or I could ever imagine. Some of these people as young as two and as old as 102 have experienced things that most of us will never experience or ever desire to experience. I met a little boy this afternoon his name is Hakeem he's two years old he has a younger sibling that is 1 and an older sibling that is 20. His mother looks to be in her 40's she's struggling to make ends meet, she was waiting on a truck that brings food into the neighborhood. I was so lucky to have had the chance to share my heart with her and hear the desires of hers. I invited her to church on Sunday, I hope she comes!
Well I have a ton of work to do and want to go see some of the kids before I head home for the evening :)!

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