Thursday, September 27, 2007

He will not get the best of me

So Satan attacked me hard yesterday. I had a horrible attitude, I didn't want to be at Metro Kidz last night, we were late getting back from our break, so things weren't set up how they should have been, and as someone wise told me, "The first five minutes, makes or breaks the night." We learned this the hard way last night!

We had at least 100 kids last night, I am not at all complaining but when you only have 10 volunteers for the whole building it makes things a little bit more chaotic than necessary. We had kids fighting, kids pulling out each other's weaves, kids who are normally pretty good kids off the handle last night. I prayed last night as I was getting ready for bed, for God to send us more people, we're growing and we want so bad to be able to make valuable lasting relationships with these kids, but when there are not enough of us to have smaller groups or we have to spend the night doing crowd control it's not possible for that to happen.

The exciting part of all of this is there are 100 kids who are coming in off the streets into a safe zone, where they can fellowship with other kids their age and from the neighborhood, be loved for at least 3 hours a week, have a nice meal and learn about this amazing God we have. Through all the tears, the fighting and the crowd control when I walk away at the end of the night and I've been hugged 1.5 million times, when Eric has squeezed my hand so hard it hurts and I have heard the laughter of little girls who are learning about Jesus, I know we've done something right that night. I know that through what we're doing here we're changing lives, I know what some of these kids go home to at the end of the night and I understand (0r attempt to) why they are the way they are, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has me here for a reason and I will not let Satan get the best of me :)!

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