Monday, January 19, 2009

Praying for a father and his kids

This evening before I headed to Fusion, I picked up some of my favorite kids and took them to Pastor Mike's house so they could watch football and hang out. When I picked them up, there dad came out and greeted me. The first thing out of his mouth, "Hey ma'am, how are my kids doing? They doing alright?" He genuinely wanted to know how his kids were, the sad part is it that I truly believe this daddy wants to be a good daddy, but he doesn't know how. It breaks my heart.

The next thing out of his mouth, was thank you, thank you for loving my family, thank you for loving my kids and thank you for being here today. There is a lot going on within this family and with this daddy. I am praying so hard for him, and for his kids. There's a good chance he'll spend the next 10-15 years away from his children. There's a good chance he won't see his kids continue down the successful paths they are headed down.

Tonight as I think about them, my eyes well up with tears, these kids love their dad, even in all of the chaos and through all of his faults. The girls told me tonight that they knew their daddy is saved, but they don't know about their mom and they are praying for her.

Will you join those girls in prayer for their mom? That she may take comfort in the promises that God has for her life?

Will you join me in prayer for these kids and their daddy? Will you join me in praying for this mom, that if her husband indeed has to go away for 10-15 years, that she'll be strong and continue to care for her kids in the proper way. And finally will you pray with me that these kids will continue down the paths of success they are headed down, regardless of the chaos taking place in their home?

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drpoulette said...

You got it. Praying with you for these families and the influence/impact you are having.