Monday, January 12, 2009

Post-visiting Kids

If there's one thing that I've done in the past few months that seems to have greatly benefited my team and I, it's plan visiting days we had our very first one this Saturday. The core group of junior teachers, met at the church, prayed and then ventured out to visit some of our kids homes. We decided that even though it was bitter cold we decided we would walk to all of our kids homes, all of them live within a few blocks radius of the church. Spending time in our families homes is such a rewarding experience next stop was Ms. J's house, she has four kids in our program two young boys who need a lot of love and attention, and two older girls who also desire that same love and attention. Ms. J also has a special needs child A who we need to constantly keep in prayer, he's losing weight at a very rapid weight and unfortunately doesn't really have the weight to spare, he's 16 years old wheelchair bound and at most weighs 70lbs.

Next stop was Furrow St. it's a small street in Southwest Baltimore, that is very desolate most of the homes on the street are boarded up and abandon, there's not much activity on the streets during the day, but at night it become a totally different place, one that I fear for my kids who live on this street. We visited two families on this street, this was such a rewarding experience for us, not just because we got to visit our kids in their homes, but also because we got to bond as a team and spend time together. We spent the whole morning/early afternoon together as a team, laughing, enjoying a meal together and growing. I am excited for more opportunities to grow like this as a team.

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