Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Wow, so I can't even begin to describe how I am feeling tonight, God used me in a way I don't think I was quite prepared for tonight, however it happened and I walked away feeling like a different person, in a way I can't explain, like I felt like my life has been forever changed. So tonight I went to Subway before prayer, to get out of the building and eat before I took some medicine, well I ordered my salad, and sat down pulled out my bible and started reading, all of a sudden I heard, "Excuse me ma'am can I sit with you," when I looked up I saw who I later learned was "K", he said he saw me reading my bible and thought I could pray with him. He told me he's 18 about be 19 and he's a dealer, he started weeping, telling me he wanted out, but he's fearful for his life. He told me that his mom is a "church lady" like me and she's been begging him for years to go to church, and he wants too...but he feels his mom has given up hope on him. He also told me wanted to graduate high school this year, but he got too involved and lost interest in school, so he's hoping to take classes this summer and finish by winter. By the time he finished telling his story he was weeping, begging for prayer, he wanted prayer for hope, for his future and for guidance of a positive male figure. It wasn't until after this boy poured his heart out to me that he said, "Umm...so what are YOU doing in a neighborhood like this?" I got to share my story with him, tell him about Charm City and invited him to Metro Kidz, not sure if he'll actually come, but I told him he'd be more than welcome!

I left Subway with a smile in my heart, I felt relieved that because I had a bible sitting on the table someone felt like they could talk to me. I spent my time in prayer meeting tonight praying for this boy, for hope, for his life, for his future, for God to do a mighty work in him, for a strong positive male influence and for God to use him among his drug dealing peers. I also spent time thanking God for using me in a way I never dreamed, for allowing me to be approachable and for giving me the words to calm this poor, broken heart.

Also one other thing you can join us in prayer for tonight:

Bruce's Family, his grandfather is dying and we're praying for a miracle to be done in Bruce's Family

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