Friday, June 27, 2008

Wheelin' and dealin'

I've been doing some thinking about the events that have taken place this week, I stand on the corner of Payson and Frederick Ave. and I watch deal after deal after deal take place, and I wonder how long it's going to be before we're burying another one of our kids (people)? I watched the other day as one of my favorite kids, we'll call him "1" ran from the corner to the place where their goods were stashed and did the exchanges while the dealers stood on the corner and watched. Why is this happening? Why is it so obvious to innocent people walking by, and ignored by the people who can do something about it?

"1" is such a polite, good, respectful kid, and I want so bad to run to him everyday and shake him and ask him what he's doing, ask him why he's putting his life at risk and why he's throwing away his future. Doesn't he know these dealers are using him so that they don't get caught? Doesn't he know there is a better life for him? I've been in prayer for him constantly the past few days, I hope he comes to Metro Kidz next week, so we can talk with Pastor Mike, I hope we can pray over him, I hope that he knows we love him.

Another boy who's caught up in the junk is "N.A.P" In fact he wasn't allowed back in the block party because he was on the lot hustling, why? He too is a good, respectful kid who has just fallen into the mix. What more can we do for these kids other than love them? Reach out to them when they come and acknowledge them when we see them? I pray constantly for N.A.P. and his brother N.P., I met their momma on Saturday outside the block party, she loves her kids, she really does but she's another struggling single mom, who is losing her kids to the streets.

I've seriously come to my whit's end with this, two corners hounds in general break my heart, they are there night and day and recently I had a conversation with them, and prayed that they would follow the lead of their friend "K." You might remember "K" from my blog a few weeks ago, he found me in Subway, we talked and prayed and now he's out of Baltimore City, in a safe place getting the help he needs, his desire is to not return to the city life. His mother is so happy that he's getting the help he needs and even desires to move so that when he comes out of treatment he can come home to a safe place away from all the junk. I'm continuing to pray that God will bless this family with a new home, some where far away from Baltimore and far away from these friends that could be a hinderance in "K's" life, I also continue to pray that he grows, he accepted Christ a few weeks ago and my prayer is that he continues to run after Jesus.

So my prayer today is that these boys will see that there life is worth so much more than they think, and that there is something better out there for them. I pray that each and every one of them is delivered from this life. I pray that they see how much I and everyone else at Charm City loves them.

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