Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Block Party and other Random stories

I just realized it's been officially two weeks since I've updated, for that I apologize I have been completely consumed in planning the 2nd Annual Metro Kidz Community Block Party! It's happening this weekend at Charm City from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.! Everyone is welcome! They'll be carnival games, a moonbounce, clowns, A Baltimore Free Store, Free Market and Free Food! We hope you'll join us!

So many exciting things are happening in my Charm City world, this week we send two of our high school girls off to college for the summer, they and I are very excited about this. They'll be living on the campus of Towson and UMBC this summer, while taking college classes and having the opportunity to live outside of their environment. I am not only so proud of them, but so happy that they'll have the opportunity to see what awaits them out there! So please keep "C" and "S" in your prayers this summer. Pray for their relationship with God, that while they are away from us it will still continue to grow, pray for them to see what's out there, that there is a whole world of amazing opportunities that awaits them outside of this neighborhood.

So as I was driving into the neighborhood for church on Sunday, I couldn't help but let a couple of tears roll down my cheek, I watched three very beautiful (to me) women get into three different cars and well it doesn't take much to figure out for what. I wanted so badly to pull my car over, ask them what they needed and drag them away with me. It breaks my heart to watch this happen. As I continued to drive I watched deal after deal take place...and my favorite boys were out of my favorite corner. The funny thing is though since our "run-in" those dealers leave when my car pulls up and don't return usually until after I am gone.

There hasn't been much else going on! But please keep praying with us for workers, we've decided we need about 10-15 more people to be able to break our groups down even smaller, also please keep praying for finances, and finally for patience for all of us.

Thanks friends! Hope to see some of you on Saturday!

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