Monday, May 26, 2008

Putt-Putt, Fusion and 16 Double Cheeseburgers!

This weekend has been such an exciting one with our kids, it provided new experiences for a lot of them along with amazing teaching opportunities. Saturday we were supposed to take our kids to Halethorpe to play in the gym, but it didn't work out because they were having an event, so we instead decided to take the kids to play Putt-Putt, taking a bunch of city kids who've never been putt-putt'ng before was pretty much amazing. Not just because they were so excited to be there, but also because it was so much fun to listen to them work together on teams, to cheer each other on, to be excited and to laugh and laugh.

A couple of highlights from that outing include, seeing the kids play with worms and get all squirmy when someone caught a fish and let them hold it :)! Another funny thing was these kids don't get to see many goose or ducks running around in the you can imagine how excited they were when a flock of geese and a few ducks were hanging they went chasing them....

After putt-putt the we crashed the Newell's house they were such good sports for running at the last minute to the store to buy hotdogs and making nearly 60 on the grill for us to polish off before heading home, it was such a great relaxing night for us/the kids!

It's nights like Saturday that make my job worth it, to see how the little things that I and my friends take for granted make my kids so hear them say how much fun they had at the end of the night and thank us...ah!

Last night we had the opportunity to take some of our kids to Fusion, it was such a great night for the teens, I heard some really positive feedback, not only that I think it was good that Fusion had the chance to experience them. We stayed and had dinner with them at Food and Fellowship and people loved on them...and the drummer (I don't know the name of last nights drummer) made one of my kids SO excited when he let him have the drumsticks he played with last night.

But the best night of all was we went to the city and the kids were so excited...there were about eight of them in the backseat of my car within five seconds, because apparently that were all the cool kids hang out. They really wanted us to take them to get food, so I decided we should, so that began our search for food, we ended up at the Mcdonald's close to the church, which the staff there was amazing, all in all we ordered 16 double cheeseburgers and 16 orders of french fries, and we feed 16 kids tonight! But while we were counting T piped up and said that we should count some of the kids because they don't love God, I didn't really reply to him, I just kept on...three more times he said this to us, and finally we were able to have this amazing teaching moment with him. Explaining about how them not loving God was more of a reason for us to love them, and how we should all love like Christ. I pointed out that there were people who loved him before he loved Christ, examples being Ms. Karen, Pastor Mike, Mr. Bruce etc. and he totally got it...and was even excited about it....

Then there's N.P. he's someone who's a leader in the making and has a heart as big as Texas, but sometimes he doesn't use his tonight we had a couple of amazing teaching moments with him, one included treating girls/women not as sexual objects, but as the beautiful women that God created them to be, the other was a lesson in manners, when someone does something special or nice for you, you should thank them for it. Again, it's nights like these that make all of the pain, hard exhausting nights and moments when I question this all worth it.

I told Ms. Crystal tonight as we were pulling away for these kids who we spent time with tonight are the ones we see most often, and they are finally reaching a point with us of trust and of love, they can see that we're not going to let them down and that we love them and it's okay for them to love us back, which for some of them that's such a foreign concept, they can't really grasp.

So normally before I end I have some prayer requests, but tonight I have such a huge praise report and then a prayer...two of my girls Cierra and Sarah are speaking tomorrow night at Hopkins, about their success stories, where they've come from and where they want to go in life, these girls are AMAZING, they both are going to spend almost the entire summer living on college campuses, taking classes and continuing to succeed and excel. Word on the street is tomorrow night they might possibly be presented with scholarships.

I beg you as my friends to pray for these girls, thank God in their honor for the opportunities He continues to provide them with, thank Him for making them see that there is something more out their for them, ask Him to continue to allow these girls to glorify them through these opportunities, and beg Him to provide opportunities for these girls to share their story.

Thank you friends!

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