Sunday, May 4, 2008

And the Chaos Continues...upcoming events and some specific prayers

As the days go by the chaos continues, it feels like we're all in a bad dream and can't wake up, my heart aches, my heart got broken yet again, I can't seem to stop the tears tonight, it's very rare when this happens, but it just feels like every act of violence that's happened in the last few weeks we've been connected too somehow, and my heart has that very real feeling of how much longer are we going to be "lucky," how much longer is it going to be before we're really affected, until this is one of our kids?

The gangs and the drugs are on the rise in our neighborhood, you can just feel it. I've been approached several times in the past few weeks, and each time a young man has offered to sell me drugs. One of those times I was in my car with my window down and a young man came up to my window, and said "What can I get for you today." It makes me sad, everyday I pray about walking up to these kids and trying to form a relationship with them, I really desire to learn more about them and how they can be helped? I pray everyday for the right words to say to them...I really hope that God gives me some words/wisdom soon...

I've had a really burdened heart lately for these kids who are involved in the gangs, violence, drug hustling etc. that's happening in our neighborhood, but I've had a separate burden for one of my kids specifically. In fact I fear for his life, I've had some pretty scary nightmares about him. One night I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so I just spent serious time in prayer for this kid. I don't want to disclose his name, but please pray for "N.P."

On a happier note, there are some pretty special things about to happen at Metro Kidz, all of which are going to rock our kids and community to the core. I am super excited about each and everyone of them. The first one happens on June 21st, it'll be our second Annual School's Out Block Party, I am hoping that this years will be just as amazing or better than last years! If you're interested in helping this year (please check out for some specific needs.

The second event is going to take place on June 28th the event doesn't really have a name yet :) but it's going to be a day of fun and pampering for our girls and hopefully some girls from Urban Outreach (UO) in D.C., hopefully we'll have an amazing woman coming to talk to the girls about being God's princesses, I have a few friends who are coming to do hair and makeup and at the end of the day we'll serve them a nice meal. This is probably one of the most exciting things to plan :)!

The third, doesn't have a date yet and is not 100% official yet, but God has really placed this on my heart and I just have to figure out the best/safest way to pull this off, I want to hold an Midnight Lot Party, I want to open the gate from 11:15-11:45 p.m. and let kids in off the streets into the lot, then I would like to have the gate closed and manned from Midnight until 2 a.m., I would love for it to be a safe place for the kids to come, play volleyball/basketball, eat some snacks and hang out. That's the time when some of the places surrounding the church are beginning to hop, and if this is successful I would love to make it a "regular" event.

So before I end...I have some specific prayers:

For laborers...we need just a few more people to make our team complete

For Unity we need to make sure we're unified as a team all on the same page and all in this together for the right reasons

For "N.P." for his life, for his future, for his family and most importantly his safety

And finally a personal request:
Is for my trip to California for UYWI to really be a'll be such a GREAT learning experience for me as well as a time to reload and recharge my battery!

Alright friends, thanks for reading, praying and being involved!

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