Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lombard St. Building

Wow, I've been trying to write this update for almost two weeks now and every time I get started I get distracted or I get writers block or there are 500 other things that need to be done. This building breaks my heart, it looks like any other warehouse sitting in Southwest Baltimore during the day time, but at nighttime this place turns into a place of despair, it's unmarked and no one would ever know what takes place here if they didn't come out at night. But after all the clubs close this building begins hopping, the drugs and alcohol run freely and if you walk by this building on any given Saturday and Sunday you'll find a variety of novelties from condoms to needles and sometimes a shotgun shell or two!

This place makes me so sad because it's another place that can tempting to people who already struggle all day long, people are getting hurt outside of this place. I guess I get so frustrated because so many people know what takes place here but it's still happening every weekend. My prayer is that God will do a mighty work on this block and this building will go out of commission for the purpose it's currently being used for. I drive by this place sometimes and I just want to go inside, I just want to hang out there and pray for the people there...crazy I know, but I can't even begin to tell you how burdened this building makes my heart. I worry about a few of my girls, what an easy place for them to get all caught up in the things they don't need too, for my boys it's an easy place for them to "get lost", I know there are other places that they can do this, but this one is just so easy.

So I hope that you'll join me in prayer, that this place can be condemned and reopened for the good of our neighborhood, that my friends and especially my kids will be protected from the evil that happens here.

Thanks friends.

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