Monday, April 14, 2008

It really is a warzone out here...

Four teenagers killed in two weeks, a few months ago my girls told me that if felt like a warzone in their neighborhood, I'm beginning to understand exactly what they mean. Gang are beginning to flood our neighborhood and with that comes the rise of gang violence. I really feel like everyday I come into the city I see new tags on buildings, and I see rival gangs tagging over each others work. Yesterday morning Pastor Mike told us about the fourth kid that was killed shot 9 times and left to die on the streets.

My heart continues to break for these families who are losing kids, my kids who are losing friends, for these kids who are killing other kids and for these kids whose lives are getting cut short. I've been warned that it only gets worse as the weather gets warmer and as people start spending more time outside. My prayer is that something amazing is going to happen in this neighborhood and the love of Jesus will fill the streets instead of the love of gangs!

Today I took the pictures above, they are located on W. Pratt St. where Tyrone was killed a week ago this past weekend. It's so sad that he'll be just another murder statistic in Baltimore City.

Please join us in prayer as we pray for the war in our neighborhood to end and as we pray for the families of these kids who are involved in such violent acts, please pray for us as we ask God to continue making miracles happen in our kids lives.

Thank you friends!

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