Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tragedy in our neighborhood

I realized several months ago which corners in this neighborhood are the worst one of them I know, I see it everyday, the other is beginning to become a reality. The corner of W. Pratt St. and Fulton is becoming the next war zone for our neighborhood, in less than a week, in that general area which is literally three block or less from the church has been the site of two murders. There was a third murder that took place in the neighborhood, but at this time I am unclear as to where exactly it happened. One of these murders really touches my heart, because it's the cousin of one of the kids, I've become extremely close with. It's one of the first nights he has not been here since I've known him.

Tonight has been the least attended Metro Kidz night since I've been here, there are four teen girls, five teen boys and maybe 20 kids downstairs. Most of the teenagers are attending memorial services or vigils for these two boys. It's sad that they know nothing more than the violence and poverty that is taking over their neighborhood.

It became a reality tonight that the gangs really are moving into our territory, the only thing we can do is educate ourselves, our kids and pray. Next week we are having a gang talk with our kids, not something we want to do, but something we MUST do. A few weeks ago one of our officers said to me, "Make sure that you are your staff are wearing the right colors, if you're not it could be bad." The sad part, it's true.

I ask for you to join me in prayer for my kids, that they'd stand apart, that they'd be called out to share Jesus with the people around them, for protection from the world and the horrible ways of it, from Satans attacks, from drugs, gangs, poverty etc. I love each and everyone of them and as I begin to think about the summer and how violence becomes more of an issue as the weather gets warmer, my heart breaks for them, I pray that they'll be hedges of angels around each and everyone of them.

Thank you friends.

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