Saturday, March 29, 2008

Encouraging People, Urban Outreach and the Future

The past few weeks have been amazing in the people meeting department, I've met pastors in our neighborhood, who'd be interested in partnering to do some activities this summer, I've met Pastor Billy, who's doing amazing things at the Brooklyn Church of God, in Brooklyn Maryland, Tally Wilgis, a Virginia Beach Church Planter, who dreams big, just as I do, and Lauren Harvey, a young woman with a HUGE heart for Urban Missions in Washington, D.C. All of these people have been so encouraging to me, through their actions, their words and their works. Last night as I was driving home from D.C., I thought to myself, God has orchestrated an amazing group, some who we've never/may never meet of people to encourage me (and us) to continue this work, even when it's hard, even when you feel like you can't take another step, I've been truly blessed this month.

Last night I had the opportunity to help Lauren take some of her girls from Urban Outreach to "Simply Beautiful," a special night of pampering for the girls at a local church, it was probably one of the most rewarding things outside of Metro Kidz that I've done in a REALLY long time. As soon as we got to the outreach center, I immediatly fell in love with the kids, from Charnelle, the very first, very EAGER girl to arrive to Rudy the cute little boy who wondered up with some of the other kids. I looked at each one of these kids and they reminded me of my kids in Baltimore, they were desperate for attention, they wanted someone to listen, they wanted to tell you about their lives, where they go to school, everything. I especially fell in love with Alexis the 10 year old girl who rode with me in my car, she was so sweet and immediatly wanted to play 20 questions about Miss Colleen's life, and so I asked questions about her life as well and she was extremely eager to share with me. She did begin breaking my heart when after every answer I gave her she said, I've never done that, I don't know how to ride a bike, I've never had anything other than a big wheel, and have you ever invited anyone to live with you, because I think I'd like living in your house. It's times like this and times when we pulled into the parking lot at Urban Outreach and all the boys wanted to do was sit in the car with us and talk, that I wish I could just yank them all up and take them home, what I wouldn't give to have home so huge that that I could invite them all to come and visit, stay and play and experience life outside of the chaos they live. As much fun as I had with the girls at Simply Beautiful, secretly I would have enjoyed staying in SouthEast and playing with all the kids and I will be returning to Urban Outreach in the VERY near future so I can spend more time with them.

I fell in love with Lauren and we've already made plans to plan a pool party, a sleepover, and many more activies with our kids combined and I plan to return to Urban Outreach in the VERY near future. I can't wait!

So this past week I've really been praying about the next steps at Metro Kidz, and I think I'm going to attempt the Teen Leadership Team (TLT) again, I see so much potential in some of these kids and I think it's getting lost. I want nothing more than to pull them out, one of my girls Cierra stands out, she's a natural leader, she's different, she carries herself in a different manner, she loves Jesus with everything in her and for the most part she doesn't care what other people think of her, in fact she's invited me to be her "date" for her Military Ball instead of her boyfriend. I think brining her on board the TLT and using her to be an example for others will be such a great change for the dynamics of our teen group, I'm excited to see what Gods going to do with this one.

The other thing I've been dreaming and praying about is hosting a community baby shower for the single/single pregnant mothers in our neighborhood. I've not completly worked out the logistics yet, but when it does happen it's going to be huge...I can see how it plays out and it's going to such an encouragement and beautiful event.

Well I could continue to write for hours, but I have some home visits to do this afternoon and a couple of meetings so I better run, but I'll leave you with a few prayer requests:

So there are a few prayer requests:

* Please pray for R, I don't know much about this kid other than he's 19 and he hustles drugs outside the church, last weekend I introduced myself to him and started talking with him and I've not been able to get him off my mind ever since. I invite him to Metro Kidz/Church everytime I see him, and can only pray one of these days he'll suprise me.

*Ms. MaryAnne and Nancy, they need to find a common ground in their mother/daughter relationship. Mary Anne is working to better her life and could tell you right down to the hour, how long she's been clean of her addiction and she's struggling with her life right now, please pray God will deliver her from her current situation.

Please join me in prayer for Nancy that she'll see how important it is for her to get her life together and take responsibilty for her two young children. I pray God will send her some Godly Women to help her learn and lead by example. She also needs some direction and Wisdom.

*For the Light Company Retreat, I'm taking two girls from Metro Kidz on the retreat, I pray that they'll grow as Godly young girls, that our relationships will grow and that they can come back refreshed and so much more in love with Jesus and themselves.

Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers!


John said...

Thanks, Colleen, for all you do. God is using you to touch Baltimore, one life at a time. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Ive been interested in helping out with inner city outreaches in DC for a while now. Could you give me any info that would help me get involved in that? Thanks and God