Monday, March 10, 2008

Love Night

Recently we held Love Night for our kids, we served them as if they were at a restaurant as opposed to most Wednesdays where they get their own food from the kitchen and find their own seats. Dinner was made by one of the small groups from my home church Grace, some of the Light Company kids joined us and worked in the Kitchen that evening.

Here are a few of our Wednesday evening teachers working as servers for the evening, we served almost 70 kids that evening. The second photo is Pastor Mike with one of our junior girls, we split the kids up by age/grade.

Basch lead worship that evening and the teachers each wrote a letter to the kids they work with or the group as a whole and we read them aloud to the kids. Some of us chose to copy the letters for our kids, here Ms. Crystal reads her letter with Kapri.

Some of our girls decided to pose for the camera, and other decided that Basch is a rockstar and needed to pose with him as well :)!

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basch said...

that night was tight!!