Sunday, September 7, 2008

A comedian in our crowd!

Wednesday night, one of our teen boys stayed until 9:30 p.m. and cleaned the entire downstairs and then mopped up all the water from an overflowing toilet, T stood out from his friends that night, he let his servant side shine. He didn't complain, didn't ask for money for working his little tail off and was happy with an 8 pack of mini KitKats :)! The reward from him staying was much bigger than him cleaning and doing work that made our job easier that night, we actually got to spend one on one quality time with him.

We got to find out that he does want to go to college, and he does have dreams, he wants to go somewhere and do something. He's recently found a job and is true to going and making money. He helps his family out with some of the money he makes and the rest he uses for his needs. I am so proud of T, I can only pray that he'll be an example to the other kids around him.

Sunday I made a deal with him and some of the other boys that we'd have a study buddy program for this semester and see how it goes, but I laid down some rules one of them being that they had to let me know when they wanted to get together and they had to be true to actually getting there and participating. I am very excited about this though, I really think they are serious about it and I can't wait to watch them excel in school and go places!

The other deal that we made, was that if they got all A's and B's we'd do one of two things, we'd either have a pizza party together or I'd take them out to a nice dinner one at a time. We'll see how this goes :)!

I've been praying a lot for my teens boys who'll be graduating high school this year, I hope that you'll join me in praying for them. That they'll make wise decisions this year regarding school, their plans for the future and their social lives.

If you'd also pray this week for Pastor Mike as he continues to teach the teen boys about money, and financial matters. It's such a crucial time to teach them about budgeting and saving money so they can escape the neighborhood and the ways of the neighborhood!

Thanks friends!

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