Monday, January 7, 2008

Exciting Things Ahead

Wow, I can't believe it's 2008! So I've been spending a lot of quality time hanging out with God and He's been doing a mighty work in my heart about somethings that need to happen this year, one of them is we need to get Adopt-A-Block off the ground, so on March 8th we're having an adopt-a-block kick off "party"/day! I'm planning to invite tons of people to join as we rock this neighborhood, meeting neighbors, praying and cleaning the blocks. More details will be posted as we get closer to the date :)!

Also the block party is going to be June 21st this year, if you came last year you know how exciting it was, it's going to be just as fun this year :)! I hope you'll join us.

I wish I had more to post, but we've been getting back to normal since the holidays, so this week is finally our kick off the new year week and I'll have lots to post!

Thanks friends-

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