Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gym Night and Upcoming Events

This past weekend, I had a real chance to bond with my girls, we went to open gym night at Halethorpe Community Church and four of my girls rode with me, we had the opportunity to chat and get to know each other outside of our bible study setting, it was pretty much amazing! They braided my hair, we talked about school and college, families and life as an inner city kid. I fall more and more in love with these girls everyday!

Last Wednesday we had a Winter Beach Party, as soon as someone posts some pictures, I'll post some here...it was a lot of fun! We played limbo, hula hooped and had a beach picnic dinner :)! Next week we're having Movie Night the teens are watching Amazing Grace and the Juniors are finishing up Akeelah and the Bee. Over the next month we're having Abe Lincoln visit, hosting love night and a few special days! I'm being ambitious and taking some of my girls to D.C.! That should be fun!!!

There's not much else going on, but there are somethings you can pray for:

1. Continued protection- there were 11 shootings in three days, it's been a mess of violence in our district.
2. For new volunteers, we've recruited a few!
3. Block Party Planning (we've picked a date)!
4. Guidance and wisdom for our leaders

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