Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heartbreak for Real

As I was leaving the church last night, I ran into a little girl whose kind of taken my heart and run with it, she's beautiful, she's excited about learning about Jesus and she wants all of her friends to come to Metro Kidz. She's so beautiful you can see her smile and heart through her eyes, but if you look hard enough you see the saddness too. As I was leaving last night, I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go home, but I couldn't I put aside the fact I was tired and somewhat cranky and proceeded to put my belongings in my car, and spend time with these kids.

Ira, Tyeandre and Anthony, finding out how old they are, where they live, what they like to do for fun, what grade they are in, if they've ever been to metro kids and what schools they go to. Laughing and playing with them made me realize just how important my job is. For some of these kids, the love that is shown through myself and other volunteers at Metro Kidz is the only source of love these kids are getting. Eventually I had to say goodbye to these precious children and go home for the night.

I pulled my car off the lot and got out to close the gate and "T" wanted to badly to help me lock up the gate and talk about the holes in the iron and how people must have been trying to get in! He was so super cute! As I walked back to my car the littlest of these three begged me to bring them home with me, they wanted to know where I lived, why they couldn't come and when I would be back. It was so heartbreaking to know that at such a young age they can see the difference in where I come from and where they come from and they know in their heads that I go home to a nice home at night, a hot meal, a warm bed and a loving group of people everynight and they don't. It broke my heart to stand on the corner and explain to them all of the reasons why I couldn't take them home with me, and for them to want nothing more that to come anyways. As I was driving home I tried to wrap my head around the logic and what must have been going through their heads at the time. It broke my heart and made my day all at the same time to be able to have this communication with these kids.

So if I you could just keep them in your prayers tonight as you spend time in your loving group, eat your hot meal and climb into your warm bed, I would appreciate it!



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