Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blessing from All Around

Wow, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing last week was, there were so many volunteers who showed up to help serve dinner to our community, the love that was poured out through the entire building, was simply amazing. We were able to serve a little over 200 people in a little over two hours! We met new and old friends, Pastor Mike came and I looked around the room and saw tons of my friends gathered in one place to serve and give thanks. It's so cool when I get to see my friends from Grace and Howard County, mix with my friends from the city and laugh and cry, sing, eat and dance together. It's such an encouragement to see families step out on faith and bring their entire family into the city and serve, not knowing where they are coming or what's going to happen there. The love, support and encouragement I have recieved from my friends and strangers is so so so amazing!

Last night, something pretty special happened, I was invited to share my heart with an amazing group of women. I felt so welcomed, so encouraged into their bible study, I was so excited to share my heart and testimony with them. They also made so many cookies for our from 'Junk to Jesus' event, that I will be forever grateful to them for. I am so excited to continue to share my life with them, know that they are praying for me and hopefully get to share the community with some of them who might be interested in visiting. If any of you are reading this Thanks ladies, the love I felt from your study group was amazing!!!

Tonight, something pretty special is going to happen, Major Brock from the Southwestern District is coming to visit and share his heart and desires with our kids. I am so excited for him to come and see the kids and see how many kids we have. To begin to form relationships with them, to be able to use them to make the neighborhood a better place. Major Brock as I've mentioned in a few blogs now has a HUGE HUGE heart for the kids and desires nothing more than to tackle the gang problems that plague our neighborhoods. I am so excited.

December is a month of special events for us, next week is "From Junk to Jesus," guest speaker and local author Mike Weber will share his life with the kids, community members and friends at Charm City Church, a cookie reception will follow his talk, let me know if you're interested.

December 14th, we pick up our toy from toys for tots, and that evening we're having a wrapping party with a few friends from church, if you want to come hang out wrap gifts, listen to worship music and fellowship with us, let me know. Also if you happen to have any wrapping paper lying around that needs to be put to good use, I would love to take it off your hands :)!

December 15 I have a missions team coming into to basically overhaul the close pantry, get rid of clothes, and do whatever else might need to be done that day. Weather pending we're planning to do a prayer walk through the neighborhood.

December 19th is when we'll host our Annual Metro Kidz Christmas Party, I'm so excited about this night, it's going to be a night for us to show God's Love, Share God's Love and invite kids to come to christ, that might not normally come to Metro Kidz. It'll also be another exciting night of intermingling my friends :)! We needs lots of help if you're around and want to join us!

December 25th Christmas! I'm sad I won't be here for my first Christmas at Charm City, but I am super excited I will be home celebrating with my family.

Now for some prayer requests:

Of course prayer for all of the above events would be much appreciated
For my friend Jeromy as he travels to Africa to be with his family and proceed with their adoption procedure
Pastor Mike and his Family
For finances for me, so I can continue to work my nanny job a few hours a week and give the rest of my time to my ministry
Wisdom as I plan to change a few things within the ministry and plan a few special nights outside of typical Metro Kidz nights
And for patience!

I love you all!!!!

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Anonymous said...

yay Colleen!!! I am so excited about what is going on with you guys! Wish I'd be home in time for some of those events- let's def catch up over Christmas break though! you are beautiful, i love you!
Emily G :-)