Monday, April 20, 2009

Volunteer Profile: Ms. Melissa

A little over a year ago when I met Melissa, I had no idea how God was going to bring us together, I had no idea that she would be serving side by side with me at MetroKidz and influencing not only the lives of the kids that we all love, but my life. Melissa is a great gift from God to our ministry, she brings with her a great sense of love, joy and creativity, that captures the minds and hearts of the fifth and sixth grade girls she leads. Melissa is not only watching her girls grow, but she is growing with them.

The time that Melissa devotes to her girls outside of Metrokidz, praying for them, shopping with them, taking them out to dinner, and making special gifts for them is amazing. Melissa walked into MetroKidz having no idea, what to expect and the impact that she would be making there. Her love for the kids, goes beyond the love for them in the church, but also into their homes as she makes a point to visit her girls once a month, as well as plan activities for them in her home. While Melissa is best known by the boys for her "mean walk," she is truly loved by all of the kids and staff at MetroKidz.

When Melissa is not hanging out in the 'hood with the kids, she can be found hanging out in the lab (she's a scientist!), going to runs, playing with her animals or finding the nearest beach! Melissa is a wife, a professional and a student (currently getting her PhD in Microbiology) and truly loves what she does!

Melissa says her favorite part of MetroKidz is, "the hugs and the excited yells of "Miss Melissa!" when I arrive at MK on Wednesdays. I love listening to the kids talk to each other and especially when they share their lives with me."

Things that we can join Melissa in Praying for:
-To be a stronger deeper Christian, to be a good wife and maybe someday a mother.
-That my research will one day help people around the world and improve their quality of life, and maybe reach the forgotten people of Africa and South America that live in deplorable conditions with no healthcare, no clean water, and no viable food source.

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