Friday, December 26, 2008

Operation Christmas Kidz, Playing Santa and local DD's

A little over a week ago we held our Christmas party, it was a super fun, but crazy night, you literally could not walk through the sanctuary there were people from door to door and there were about 150-200 people we had to turn away at the door. I looked out among the crowd that night and I saw the people I love from several different walks of life, the city, Grace and a few other places, and realized that God really has placed me exactly in the midst of my dreams. I am so thankful for that.

The night was a huge success, albeit a little (okay maybe a lot) chaotic, the kids were for the most part extremely grateful and good, and I think only a few people who shouldn't have gotten gifts managed to make it off with one or two. Brothers N' Christ joined us and were amazing as usual I love the connection that we've made with them, and am so excited for the summer so they can join us again.

I can think of a few things that we might want to do differently next year, but I would call this year a success.

Playing Santa:
This year, I got the awesome opportunity to deliver gifts to several families that regularly attend MetroKidz, some of the homes I visited are ones I had never been to before and they broke my heart. It gave me some true insight to why some of my kids are the way they are. As I left each house, I prayed for each of these families that we were reaching out too. I prayed that God would provide opportunities for us to work in their homes, touch their families, not just the kids a couple of times a week. The last house I went to was a big surprise I had been waiting for, I got to take a bike to one of our most faithful little girls, her mom cried, she cried and I cried, I got to pray with her and her mom. The day I spent delivering the Gifts God really revealed so much to me, I am so excited for the changes God has planned for us.

Local DD's:
A few weeks ago, I was getting out of my car and was approached by some new DD's hanging out on my corner, I guess they thought I needed to be hooked up, from across the street, I heard, "are you crazy she's the church lady." I looked over and smiled...I've prayed for a relationship with these boys, and God is allowing me slowly to form one. About a week or so later, I was carrying stuff into the church and I asked these same boys for help, they wouldn't help me carry things in but they would watch the stuff in my car, I thought to myself, they'll either steal my car, steal the stuff or watch it, and they did they stood there and made sure no one took anything out of it. The boys from across the street yelled at them and told them they were jerks for not helping me, it made me smile and think to myself, the relationships are forming. Thank you Lord for protecting me, but allowing me to have these opportunities and for helping to form relationships.

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I love your gutsiness! It's really impressive.