Monday, December 8, 2008

Field Trip, Things I take for Granted and A Prayer Request!

Last Wednesday was one I won't forget for a while, we had the opportunity to load up all of our junior kids, Pre-K-6th grade and take them on a field trip. We went to the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department were we not only got to view the beautiful train garden, but we also got a VERY special inside look at the fire station, our friend Chuck, gave us the grand tour. The kids got to play with the equipment, climb up in fire engines, rescue squads and ambulances, for most of them this was the first time they'd ever been in a fire station. They also got to watch Fireman Dan slide down the pole! Ms. Connie divided us into two gr0ups and the first group toured the train garden and the second the station and then we switched. I am SO proud of my kids, they were recieving compliments left and right about how well behaved they were and how much chaos was expected out of my kids, and how impressed she was that MY kids from the inner city were more well behaved than the local boyscouts! She reminded me more than one time that I needed to tell me kids how impressed she and the other older workers of the garden were with them because she was sure they were only told about the negative behaviors, she's right most of the time people point out what they are doing bad, so I praised my kids and am still praising them for their behavior on Wednesday night.

As we were driving to the Firehouse on Wednesday night we passed several homes that were decorated for Christmas, they were beautiful, the two boys who were riding in the backseat were in awe of the beautiful lights and one of them commented softly that this was something he wouldn't see were he lived. It really made me realize how much I (we) take for granted. He was right there aren't many home in the "ghetto" decked out with holiday decorations, in fact most of the kids are lucky to have a tree in their home.

So this holiday season as your enjoying the sounds of the seasons, the sights of the season and the tastes of the season, please take a minute to pray for these precious families, for these kids who get excited about a few lights on a house.

This weekend I hosted a holiday party at my house for my volunteers, it was a reminder of how lucky I am about the people that God has sent to be a part of our ministry. It was also a reminder of how God has provided me with a loving local Christian family, people I can laugh with, people I can cry with and people who share a similar burden to mine. I am SO thankful for them!

So with that being said, I have a specific prayer request about a ministry that God has laid on my that I've been praying about and one that I am asking (okay begging) God to send a seperate team to serve with me in this new ministry. So here are the details, I hope you'll begin to pray with me, for the people, the opportunities, the team and the resources to make this happen.

As I mentioned for few months I've been praying about this new ministry and asking God to give me direction, wisdom and patience, but also for him to send a team of people to work with me on this, I really have a desire to open the church two Friday nights a month, to allow the kids 12 and up to come and enjoy a few hours of safety, love and fun. We could do some Praise and Worship together, share testimonies, play games, have snacks etc. This is something that God has REALLY been pushing me to do more and more lately, and I think there are a few people who are getting excited about it with me. This is something I would REALLY like and God has really been speaking to me about starting in January. So will you please join me in prayer about this, it's going to take some people with a real desire and heart to do this, there are some people I know who can't serve on Wed. nights but desire to help us here who I've asked to pray as well. And the more I see our "rec room" type atmosphere growing upstairs, the more God is making it clear to me that this is something he really desires! So yeah...I'm excited, nervous and anxious for God to make it 100% clear as to when this should happen!

So if you're interested in knowing more about what this ministry looks like, or serving on a Friday Night team, 6-8 hours a month, please contact me

Thanks friends!

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