Monday, December 17, 2007

Gift Wrapping, Christmas Party, MissionsTeam

Goodmorning Friends! Wow it's been a while since I updated but I've been gone pushing two weeks, but enought stuff happened in the past four days to be able to write a blog that makes up for all the missing ones :)!

Friday we picked up the toys from Toys for Tots, we got so many amazing toys and it is such an amazing ministry. The people who we dealt with were amazing from begin to end. Friday night we had a mini wrapping party, and sorted and wrapped half of the toys, honestly if I have to wrap another gift between now and Christmas I might cry (just kidding)! It was nice to spend time fellowshipping with a few other MetroKidz volunteers, which for the record I must state I have no idea where I would be without them.

As I picked up the toys on Friday I couldn't help but get more and more excited about what's happening this Wednesday night, it's going to be amazing my friends/supporters are going to be able to experience something special with me. Apparently anywhere from 150-300 kids show up for this party and they all get to hear the story of Christmas and it's true meaning :)!

This past weekend I hosted a missions team of about eight middleschoolers from the Perry Hall area, they helped finish the wrapping and then I took them on a small walk through the neighborhood. As we were walking through the neighborhood, I watched a true drug dealer at work. He had the cars lined up on the street like it was some kind of drive thru, and to watch him work it was amazing he hasn't been caught yet, it would be so easy to catch someone like him. Someone came up thru the middle of the street to buy from him and just stopped his drive thru line and walked in the middle of the street to make the exchange, I was truly taken aback, he honestly didn't care who was there, who was watching. Don't get me wrong I am not naive I know this happens, I sometimes sign kids in on Wednesday nights and watch similar exchanges take place, but I just couldn't believe that the police are having such a "hard time" catching dealers, they make it so easy! As we continued on the walk, we walked past the memorial at Killah Hill, we stopped for a moment and prayed. It was amazing the conversations that are had with kids who have never experienced the inner city.

I thank God everyday for allowing me to have this burden I have for the inner city, I prayed with a drug dealer, he came to church, I loved a homeless man he came to church and didn't want to sit near the heater to get warm he wanted to sit with the kids and I, this summer I met Suni and Peanut at the block party, they've been coming to church, I'm so excited that God has given me the ability to love these people and invite them to Worship God with us.

So I have a few prayer requests before I sign off....

Amanda I think I've spoke of her before, her mother died of a heroin addiction and full blown aids on Wednesday evening. It's really a difficult time for her right now, but she's been clean for a few months now and watching her mother die gives her more initiative to stay sober. So please continue to pray for her and her children during this hard time for them.

Patrick is my homeless friend, he's been beaten so bad his wrists are broken and he can't hold them up. He's so worried that people aren't going to love him because he's dirty and he feels the need to tell everyone that even though he stinks, he's not infected and he's clean, it breaks my heart that he feels he has to explain himself. Just pray for guidance and protection for my friend.

Glenn he's got a powerful story, that I will share someday, but just pray he stays on the path he's on right now so that he can continue to fall more in love with Jesus. I am so glad our paths were crossed and he's coming to church.

Finally for Wednesday that God's love would just be shared in such powerful ways that these kids would know exactly how much we and God loves them.

If you're interested in coming to the party or volunteering drop me an e-mail

Always Serving Him-

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