Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Party, New Year and other fun things

Good morning friends! Well it's been awhile since there's been a real update because things have been so busy, but I am happy to announce that we pulled off the Metro Kidz Christmas Party without a hitch, we had a ton of kids that night and a ton of volunteers came. I am so thankful for everyone who came to help that night, from my friends at Light Company and Fusion, to my friend Eric and his bible study friends to our friends over at the Gilman School, I looked around the room that night and I couldn't help but let my heart smile. The entire past week, I've had the opportunity to hear the amazing stories from the people who were there to help, and the kids who recieved Christs love that night.

The only thing that troubled my heart were the ladies who were there and who didn't have their kids but were begging for gifts for their kids, but the truth is they would have sold them on the streets for money. It's so sad for me to think that a few kids would be without Christmas because these people needed to sell these toys on the street for a few dollars to get their next fix. Even today I think about some of the kids I work with and I wonder what their day is going to be like today, are they going to have a nice dinner, are they going to get a new toy to play with (I know that's not the real reason for today, but some of them don't understand that yet), and I wonder if there mommy or daddy will be with them today or if they'll be all alone. I wish I could just bring them all home with me and share with them a traditional Christmas dinner, sing carols with them, take them to see the lights and have a blast.

So aside from the Christmas party happening there were some other big decisions made this week, construction will begin on a new project that will be happening late January early February, I'm not going to spill many details yet, but watch for my prayer letter for all the details. But in the meantime you can pray for guidance and wisdom for those involved, for the people who'll we'll be serving and for the many opportunities to share Jesus this will bring us! The Wilson brothers Shaun who goes to Fusion with me and his brother are heavily involved in this project and I truly believe that we asked God for a miracle and he sent us these servants!

Well keep checking back, my goal for the new year is to get back to posting normally again! Merry Christmas my friends!!!

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