Friday, November 7, 2008


Several months ago, I received a phone call from Tally Willgis, a church planter in Virginia Beach, who had stumbled across my blog, and my cell phone number that I had accidentally posted, he wasted no time getting in touch with me and then scheduling a visit to come and check out MetroKidz and Charm City. I was intrigued by his heart, his story and his ambition to see changes happen in a city, he'd left behind several years before. I wanted and needed to know more, he had a story, one that he could relate to the people we work with a Charm City, grew up with a single mom in the Baltimore Projects. I was impressed, impressed with his story, impressed with his heart for a ministry he knew little about and impressed with his ambition to do something more for inner city ministries like ours.

Tally spent several hours with us on a Wednesday night and has not stopped encouraging us, providing us with resources, people and love. When he left that night he assured us that he'd be back in some capactiy, a few months later, Tally rallied people from several different ministries and churches to come and hear about what we were doing in Southwest Baltimore, shortly after that I recieved a phone call that he'd found a youth group to come and spend a weekend with us, he showed up this summer to our block party and hasn't stopped pursuing helping inner city churches.

Just a few weeks ago, Tally announced that he would be returning home to Baltimore, he has accepted an invitation by Embrace Baltimore and the SBC to return home to start church. Tally agreed to return home but with the desire to see his hometown transformed. The Baltimore Project is the result of this passion. Tally is concerned with addressing three main areas in our city: Generational Poverty, Generational Apathy and Spiritual Darkness. His very first task is to launch a new church called Captivate Church in Towson. If you're interested in knowing more about Tally's story you can follow him at and he blogs at

It is my prayer that Tally finds partners that see this passion in him, who are willing to give their lives to see this passion in Tally come alive. I pray that God would send people who are willing to help Tally help us! I pray for the right partners to click on the link above and know this is where they are supposed to help out. Finally, I not only pray for Tally and his family during this time, but I praise God for their obedience to step out of something comfortable and into something unknown, new and unique.

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